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Birthday Trip to Rhode Island – Providence, RI

This is not the first ‘Wild One’ birthday party I’ve drawn caricatures at, but it certainly stands out as the most memorable.

First, I travelled to Providence, which I don’t typically do, but I was already nearby from drawing caricatures a school event in Massachusetts just over a half hour away. In this case, I accepted the booking, and I couldn’t have been happier! There must have been over 100 attendees, and everyone was excited to be drawn. The family was really nice and super welcoming. Really- they made me feel like family. I love it when I meet amazing people like this!

And, specific to their event, check out this custom caricature paper I made to match their invitations:

Custom branded paper is something I’ve been offering to my clients for a while now. It’s a free added service I provide to help personalize your caricature experience and make your event extra special. I really think it’s a wonderful addition that my event clients love. Not only can I match invitation styles, but because I am also a professional graphic designer, I can customize from scratch. It makes me happy to provide this service and help my caricature artwork stand out with exceptional service.

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