wedding entertainment in new hampshire includes wedding caricature art and live entertainment


School Event in Massachusetts

School Event in Massachusetts

There’s something nostalgic about attending a year-end school event. Not only does it mark the end of a long and challenging year of learning and growing, it is also the beginning of a new chapter to come. At every year end school celebration, especially graduation celebrations, students are always really excited to be together, laughing and having fun, not realizing the full impact of the idea that they might not see each other very often after this day, or even ever again. Still, they will hold their dear precious memories of those days they were together with their classmates and all the experiences they had together. I am lucky enough for the opportunity to provide an artistic vessel to help keep those memories close, through live caricature entertainment that provides them with a lifetime memorial of what that final day was like.

I love school events, they are happy and sad all at once. As an artist, I can help capture and immortalize their final day or days, with something they can hold near and dear to their hearts forever.

Tonight I worked a project graduation event in Massachusetts. I’ve done these all over New England, and they never disappoint. The kids are hilarious and love the caricature services I offer. It’s always a fun night for all.

The only tough part about attending these events is typically the time frame. Project graduations start late at night. This was not the latest graduation caricature gig I’ve had, but it was up there. 11:00 p.m. to 3:00 a.m. I will tell you what though- it’s totally worth it and I’ll do it again and again, just to be there for these kids, to help make their event extra special- something that they’ll never forget.

Erica drawing caricatures at a school event in Massachusetts

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wedding entertainment in new hampshire includes wedding caricature art and live entertainment
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