wedding entertainment in new hampshire includes wedding caricature art and live entertainment


2023 Was Slammed

2023 Was Slammed

As you can see from the last post I made, it’s been a few months at least since I’ve had a chance to catch you up on my caricature adventures. Since I have so many amazing drawings to share, I’ll try my best to find some free time to give you some make-up posts. Events this summer were wide and abundant. From school events, to birthdays, to weddings, community and company events galore, they kept me BUSY. I have no complaints about this- rather, I feel blessed. Being able to do what I love to do everyday and make people happy, is a blessing, and caricatures is always the life of the party.

I’ve had so many events, I can’t remember them all (although I have taken notes on them), but these events had me bouncing from state to state. One day I could be home in New Hampshire, and then the next day I could be in Maine, Massachusetts, Vermont or Rhode Island. I even had a caricature client this year ask me if I would travel to Florida- well sure! If it made sense. I certainly wouldn’t complain about a work vacation, especially if everything was covered, would you? I have teased a few clients in the past- telling them, that if they ever need a caricature artist on their cruise, they know where to find me. (I really would consider it.)

Art certainly is my passion, and entertainment is my hobby, so it’s no wonder I’ve been able to put my all into growing my business visibility. This year, I’ve done more advertising, more networking and more purposeful growing in my New England caricature business than I ever have in the past. Between graphic design, consulting and other similar clients, I’ve found it hard to focus on building my caricature business, but this year, things are changing. I am putting caricatures in the forefront of my business and working hard to book as many parties and events that I can, building even more relationships with schools, brides, businesses and community organizations. This is where I’m happiest after all. You can see it in my performance. I am happy.

And it’s true- I’ve been drawing caricatures professionally for over 20 years- and it’s still my favorite thing to do in the whole world!

Do you have an event in mind? I’d love to bring some amazing live caricature entertainment and give your guests something they will talk about for years to come. I’d love to be a part of your event and even help brainstorm some ideas. You can contact me here.

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wedding entertainment in new hampshire includes wedding caricature art and live entertainment
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