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Graduation Events for the Win! – Westbrook, ME & Newmarket, NH

Caricatures at two graduation parties in two different states on the same night! A lot of artists might think it’s too much, but not for me 🙂 Still after 20 years providing live entertainment for events, caricatures is my favorite thing in the whole world to do- and graduation parties are super fun.

In Maine, I drew through midnight- just in time to catch a 3am – 6am event in Newmarket! I honestly think this is the latest gig I’ve done yet, but the experience for me, and for the kids really makes it all worth it!

I will have to sleep though, before my 5:30pm gig in Charlotte, VT less than 12 hours away. I really feel like I’m on tour here! Luckily, I’m a night owl most nights and I love to travel and entertain, because when June events roll in, I am really put to the test!

This is always the month of late-night graduation events. It’s always the month of LOTS of travelling, lots of smiling faces, and honestly, quite a bit of missed sleep- but it’s the season… Caricature season, and I’ve got to work hard to make all of these events a success. There really is something special knowing you’re an important part of the entertainment and blessed with the artistic opportunity to provide a live performance that blows your clients away.

It’s a beautiful life to live <3

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